Confirm a payment

Log into your Customer Space to let us know you’ve made a payment. If you don’t already have a Customer Space, now’s the time to create it!

When is your bill considered to be paid?

We consider your bill paid when we receive your payment. Depending on your method of payment, this may take a few business days after you’ve confirmed a payment. There are administration charges for any payment received after the due date.

Have you received a disconnection notice?

If you’ve paid the amount shown on the disconnection notice in full, you can confirm your payment.

If you have a next-generation meter, you can confirm your payment online.

If you don’t have a next-generation meter, please call one of these numbers:

Rate G with billing under $100,000/year
Contact us at 1 877 956-5696

Rate G with billing over $100,000/year and Rates G-9, M and DM
Contact us at 1 800 463-9900

Large-power customers − Rate L or LG
Contact your commercial officer right away.

Either disconnection procedures will be suspended or your service will be restored by 6:00 p.m. the next business day.