Outstanding sites

Its location in North America makes Québec the perfect place to set up a data center. It’s a great province to live in and a region that rarely suffers natural disasters.

Hydro-Québec has a portfolio of sites from 500,000 to over 20,000,000 sq. ft., with ready access to plenty of energy, major highways and the Montréal international airport.

All these competitively priced sites are located near important infrastructure.

  • Fast hookups to the power grid
  • Highly reliable electricity service
  • Lots of bandwidth
  • Ample water for cooling

Québec also has a tried and tested power transmission system that has interconnections with other provinces and several U.S. states.

Québec’s new digital strategy

Québec will be investing $200 million in its digital strategy to encourage the setting up of data centers.

Isolated, independent power transmission system with several interconnections

The various North American power systems are connected through synchronous links. Since Hydro-Québec’s system is asynchronous with respect to other North American systems, Québec customers are not affected by disturbances that may occur on neighboring networks.

Clean, low-carbon power

Electricity generated in Québec is 99% clean, renewable energy with low greenhouse gas emissions.

Cold weather most of the year

Québec’s cold climate minimizes the need for cooling systems.

Free water cooling is possible for more than 60% of the year.

City Québec Montréal Quincy
New York
San José
Mean annual temperature(°C) 4 6.8 10.3 12.9 14 14.1 15.4 18.7 20

Inexpensive power

Electricity is the energy with the lowest inflation rate in Québec. Our very affordable rates will give your business a competitive edge and boost your bottom line.

We have different rates and rate options, depending on your power use.

  • Rates LG and M
  • Economic Development Rate

The Economic Development Rate, which will end in 2024, offers 20% off Rate LG or M for the first six years. The reduction is five percentage points less for each of the last three years, providing a gradual transition to normal rates.

To encourage customers to lower their buildings’ power demand during winter peaks, we have developed demand-side management strategies, which include financial assistance. That’s how we meet customers’ needs for power (kW) at a lower cost.

Significant financial assistance

By setting up your data center in Québec, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • A tax holiday equivalent to up to 15% of the capital invested for investments over $100 million
  • A tax credit equal to 30% of eligible salaries paid by your company
  • A loan or loan guarantee for up to 10 years and other financing assistance

Our goal: Making your company energy efficient!

By taking part in the Buildings Program, you could receive financial assistance based on your project’s eligible electricity savings.

A network with efficient bandwidth

Québec’s telecommunications network relies on advanced technology

Many world-class telecom outfits, including Level 3 Communications, Verizon Enterprise Canada, Zayo and Tata Communications, have branches in Québec.

Fibre-optic cable service is available from several companies, like Fibrenoire, Cogeco, Pixelweb Telecom, Metro Optic, Bell, Telus, Rogers and Videotron.

Montréal also has its own Internet exchange point, the QIX (Québec Internet Exchange), which maximizes the communications speed of local Internet service providers.

An abundant, qualified workforce

Every year, Québec universities grant nearly 3,600 degrees in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering and related fields.


The Québec legislative environment pays particular attention to privacy laws under both federal and provincial legislation. For a company committed to this issue, the province of Québec is therefore one of the most ideal locations in the world to set up a data center.

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