Come and meet us:

Eric Filion, Vice President - Customers, will speak at the Innovation spotlight discussion about Québec and Hydro-Québec’s offering: clean and renewable power energy for data centers at very low and stable rates.

Come and meet us at the VERGE Interconnect Expo at the Hydro-Québec kiosk.

Past events

Eric Filion, Vice President - Customers, gave a talk entitled Up-Close with Hydro-Québec: Innovations in Power Delivery and Supply for Data Centre Operators

David Vincent, Business Development Director, participated in a roundtable: Battle of the Red-Hot Canadian Markets: Comparing and Contrasting Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

David Murray, President of Hydro-Québec Distribution, will participate in a roundtable: Leadership Roundtable #2: Energy executives talk to data center owner/operator power executives about what they need to know about “what’s next” from the “supply side.”