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Add address

You want to receive electricity service for your business at a new address and keep your current contract(s).

˲ Change address

You want to receive electricity service at a new address.

˲ Remove address

You want to terminate an electricity service contract without transferring it to a new address.

˲ Become a customer

You’re not yet a Hydro-Québec customer and want obtain electricity service.

˲Change account holders

You want to change the list of people responsible for an electricity account.

Please notify us six months before you take possession of the new service address.

You’ll be charged $20 (plus GST and QST) to set up a new electricity service contract if you’re already a Hydro-Québec customer. You’ll receive confirmation when the new address has been added.

Under the bylaws in force, Hydro-Québec may require a payment guarantee as a condition of electricity service if your company has defaulted on its payments in the last 24 months. The deposit amount corresponds to the highest estimated billing amount (power and energy) for two consecutive months.

Request new service contract  Request a new service contract to receive electricity service at a new address

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