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Next-generation meter

The next-generation meters we are currently installing are safe, reliable and read customers’ actual consumption. Replacing a meter has no relation to changes on a customer’s bill.
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Essential upgrade

Most of Hydro-Québec’s 3.8 million meters are electromechanical, with a spinning disc and several dials. They haven’t been manufactured in North America since 2010.

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Evolving technology

A safe, certified, state-of-the-art technology

The new meters meet all applicable standards issued by the competent regulatory bodies, including Health Canada and Measurement Canada. To preserve data privacy, Hydro-Québec has also implemented top-security safeguards, comparable to those used in the banking industry

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Installation of new meter

Quick, easy, free replacement

The day your meter is to be replaced and even well before that, you’ll receive information about the new meter.

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Frequently asked questions

Wondering about next-generation meters?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject, grouped by category: project, installation, technology, health and radiofrequency energy, and data privacy. You can also search by keyword.

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