Safety measures near hydropower facilities

Booms: Protective floats marking a danger zone

Upstream of a hydropower facility, there is a boom to prevent you from getting too close. Never cross it. You run the risk of being sucked into a turbine intake or a spillway gate, or dragged over the crest of a weir. There is a very real drowning hazard.

The line of yellow floats (called a boom) downstream of a spillway marks the beginning of a danger zone. Never cross a boom. Strong currents and powerful eddies are lurking below. Booms may be removed for the winter, but the danger remains. Stay clear.

Signs and fences to protect you

Obey all warning signs. Don't be like this angler, who’s about to be reproached by a Hydro-Québec security guard. Stay clear!

Don't climb fences near hydropower facilities. They are there for your safety!

Our guards are keeping watch

Hydro-Québec's industrial safety teams patrol the area in and around the facilities, while the police enforce safety regulations.

You can help us prevent accidents

To report anything out of the ordinary or someone in danger near Hydro-Québec facilities, please call Sécurité industrielle [industrial security department]:

1 877 816-1212
24 hours a day, seven days a week.