Sales and leasing of Hydro-Québec’s real estate

Hydro-Québec continually analyzes its real estate portfolio to identify properties that are no longer required or whose value could be increased through temporary occupation or secondary use.

Land or building sales

When Hydro-Québec no longer needs a building or piece of property, the asset may be sold. All sales of assets are at market value within a structured process to ensure fairness and maximum return for the government and taxpayers.

Land or building rentals

Some Hydro-Québec property may seem unused but is actually slated for future use and is therefore not for sale. However, if Hydro-Québec decides that the value of an underused or unused asset could be increased through temporary occupation or secondary use (e.g., a transmission line right-of-way), that asset might then be leased.

The lease is based on the market value and must comply with the following principles:

  • Asset sustainment
  • Protection of property rights with a view to the operation of current and future facilities
  • Asset retention
  • Protection of natural, historical and archaeological heritage
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Compliance with company standards respecting the use of real estate assets to ensure the protection of persons

Requests for proposals

In the interest of transparency and fairness, Hydro-Québec may dispose of property through requests for proposals (RFPs). This process may be used for properties of significant value that Hydro-Québec no longer needs for its operations.

RFPs are posted on Hydro-Québec’s website and published in regional newspapers.

Closing dates and contact information are indicated in the RFP document.