Jobsite safety—Hydro-Québec’s role

Hydro-Québec will do a free assessment of the hazards associated with work near a power line. Safety measures may be taken so you can work safely near the line. Some of them may involve costs.

How to proceed:

  1. To find out whether safety measures are necessary, go to What to check BEFORE doing any outdoor work.
  2. If you need to dig or do work in the ground, see the page What to do before you dig.
  3. If you need to do work near power lines and you need to make your jobsite safe, go to How to plan work near power lines and submit a jobsite safety request.

Examples of safety measures

Installation of temporary conductor covers

With temporary conductor covers installed, you can get as close as 1.2 m to a line. This temporary measure can only be taken for a maximum of seven days.

Moving medium-voltage lines

Hydro-Québec moves lines using temporary H-frames. There are visual markers that the lines are energized (live) to remind you to keep at least 3 m away.

De-energizing lines

De-energizing a line means cutting power to it, so you can approach it safely. There are visual markers that the line is de-energized (dead).