Hazards and inconveniences of failing to respect the safe planting distance

When you plant a tree or shrub near a distribution line, be sure to respect the safe planting distance given by the Choose the Right Tree or Shrub tool. Otherwise, as it grows, the tree or shrub will eventually interfere with the power grid. Here’s what could happen.

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The tree will grow and, sooner or later, a branch will get too close to the medium-power line.

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A branch will touch or fall onto the line, potentially causing an electric shock hazard and injuries. The branch could catch fire and cause damage. It could also cause a power outage, and that could lead to all kinds of problems.

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Strong winds, wet snow or freezing rain can cause branches or even the entire tree to fall onto the power line, triggering an outage in the neighborhood and a shock hazard.

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As a preventive measure, Hydro-Québec periodically prunes dangerous branches and the tree will lose its natural shape.

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Help keep your neighborhood safe and prevent power interruptions: plant the right tree in the right place.

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