What to do BEFORE pruning or cutting down a tree

There are rules to follow when you are near a power line. The law requires some work to be done by arborists authorized by Hydro-Québec. If anything happened to employees of an unauthorized company that you hired, you could be held liable.

Pruning and cutting down trees near power lines is regulated by law, because it is very hazardous work

If you are planning to put in a pool, put up a shed or do any other construction that requires cutting down or pruning one or more of your trees and there are power lines nearby, you are responsible for doing the tree pruning and felling required, doing it safely and paying for it.

If you don’t own the tree to be pruned or cut down, you need the owner’s permission before going ahead.

BEFORE pruning or cutting down any trees, you should answer a few questions to find out how to proceed.

Questionnaire to find out how to prune or cut down a tree safely

If you are a municipal representative, you can ask Hydro-Québec to assess the tree pruning or felling required.

Request for tree pruning or felling evaluation (municipalities only)

Hydro-Québec is constantly controlling vegetation to keep the medium-voltage distribution lines clear, at no charge to tree owners.

Clearing medium-voltage lines: When will we be in your area?