The importance of choosing the right tree or shrub

Trees and shrubs enhance our quality of life. Now more than ever, greening our neighborhoods should be encouraged. Every new plant contributes to the fight against climate change and heat islands.

However, before choosing a tree, a shrub or even a climbing plant, think carefully about how much space it will take once it has reached maturity. All plants live and grow, each according to its species’ own characteristics.

For instance, every species has its own ideal site in which to grow. If those needs are not met, your tree or shrub will have trouble taking root and may experience stresses that make it susceptible to attacks, diseases and insects.

The characteristics and orientation of your property also have an impact on your choice of plant.

Finally, your choice must take account of the plant’s intended purpose:

  • Providing shade in the summer
  • Providing privacy
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Protecting your property or home against winter winds

Choose the Right Tree or Shrub

  • Look for a tree or shrub by specific characteristics (light requirements, hardiness zone, height at maturity, etc.).
  • Find the safe planting distance you should maintain from medium-voltage lines.
  • You can easily find the tree or shrub that’s right for you. Our database covers over 1,400 species and varieties of plants that grow in Québec.