Sign-up procedure

You must submit your request to Hydro‑Québec, indicating your proposed interruptible power, before October 1.

Your interruptible power must be at least 3,000 kW, or 20% of the maximum contract power of the previous 12 consumption periods.

Conditions of application

Conditions Option I Option II
Advance notice – Weekdays 2 hours 2 hours
Advance notice – Weekends 15:30 the preceding day 15:30 the preceding day
Maximum number of interruptions per day 2 1
Minimum interval between 2 interruptions in the same day 4 hours 16 hours
Maximum number of interruptions per winter period 20 10
Duration of an interruption 4-5 hours 4-5 hours
Maximum duration of interruptions per winter period 100 hours 50 hours

Financial compensation

Option I

Fixed credit:

Variable credit:

  • 20.00¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each of the first 20 interruption hours;
  • 25.00¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each hour between the 21st and the 40th interruption hours inclusive; and
  • 30.00¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each of the 60 subsequent interruption hours.

Option II

Fixed credit:

Variable credit:

Examples of total credits (fixed and variable)

Interruption hours Option I
Total credit
Option II
Total credit
10 h 150¢/kWh 85¢/kWh
20 h  85¢/kWh 53¢/kWh
30 h  65¢/kWh 42¢/kWh
40 h  55¢/kWh 36¢/kWh
50 h 50¢/kWh 33¢/kWh
60 h  47¢/kWh 31¢/kWh
70 h  44¢/kWh 29¢/kWh
80 h  43¢/kWh 28¢/kWh
90 h  41¢/kWh 27¢/kWh
100 h  40¢/kWh 27¢/kWh

Overrun penalties

If you don’t honor the terms of your agreement, you will be subject to a penalty.

For more information

If you have any questions about these rate options, contact your commercial officer or designated agent. You can also reach our Business customer services at 1 800 463‑9900 or by e-mail at

These explanations have been simplified. For more details about the interruptible electricity option for large‑power customers, consult sections 2,4 and 5 of chapter 6 of the Electricity Rates [PDF 4.54 Mb], approved by the Régie de l’énergie.

Winter period

Period from December 1 through March 31 of the next year, inclusive.

Effective interruptible power

An estimate, expressed in kilowatts, of the interruptible power that is on average curtailed by the customer at Hydro-Québec’s request.

Effective hourly interruptible power

For each interruption hour, the difference between:

  1. the product of the maximum power and the contribution coefficient for the consumption period in question; and
  2. the average hourly power.

Contract power

Minimum demand that a large-power industrial rate customer (Rate L) agrees to pay and that Hydro-Québec must be ready to supply at any time in response to the customer’s demand.