General service


The rate for general public lighting service is 10.27¢ per kilowatthour for the supply of electricity.

Costs of related services

When Hydro‑Québec does work such as installing, removing, replacing or connecting luminaires at your request, you must pay fixed charges. The same applies to picking up luminaires, which you must supply and assemble ahead of time.

We also apply a fixed charge for providing traffic control crews to ensure public safety where required under the Highway Safety Code.

In addition, there are charges for the rental of pole space and circuits, as well as luminaire maintenance.

Type of work and charge

Type of work Charge
Connection of lighting system to grid $361
Installation and simultaneous connection of luminaire $144
Connection of luminaire $144
Connection of luminaire to joint-use enclosure $144
(No charge if connection done when Hydro‑Québec is putting in an underground line)
Disconnection of luminaire $144
Reconnection of luminaire $144
Removal of luminaire $144
Replacement of luminaire $288
Relocation of luminaire $288
Maintenance of luminaire Actual costs
Pickup of luminaires and components $270 per pickup
(max. 8 luminaires)
Rental of Hydro‑Québec pole space for attachment of a luminaire $1.549 per month per luminaire
Rental of pole space and circuits for dedicated street lighting conductors $3.263 per month per luminaire
Traffic control crew $300 for 2 person crew

Complete service

Costs of installation and related services

Fixed charges apply to the removal and replacement of a luminaire within five years of its installation. Luminaire selection depends on availability.

At your request, Hydro‑Québec will install a specific type of equipment (such as a concrete pole or a different type of bracket). You will be charged the difference in cost between your choice and the standard equipment.

Type of work and charge

Type of work Charge
Removal of luminaire $144 within 5 years of installation.
No charge after that.
Replacement of luminaire $288 within 5 years of installation.
No charge after that.

Rates for standard luminaires

The following monthly rates apply to standard luminaires under a complete public lighting service contract:

High-pressure sodium vapor luminaires

Rating of luminaire Rate per luminaire
5,000 lumens (or 70 W) $22.29
8,500 lumens (or 100 W) $24.30
14,400 lumens (or 150 W) $26.22
22,000 lumens (or 250 W) $30.78

Light-emitting diode luminaires

Rating of luminaire Rate per luminaire
6,100 lumens (or 65 W) $22.98

For more information

If you have any questions about these rates, contact our Business customer services at 1 800 463‑9900 or by e-mail at

These explanations have been simplified. For more details about the public lighting rates, consult section 1 of chapter 9 of the Electricity Rates [PDF 4.54 Mo], approved by the Régie de l’énergie.