What you need

  • Large measuring container

  • Pencil and paper

  • Calculator (if necessary)

  • Time : 10 minutes
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Investment : low
  • Yield : low
Turn on the tap all the way
Place a measuring container under the water and count exactly five seconds
Remove the container and note how many litres of water are in it
Multiply this number by 12 to obtain the flow rate in litres per minute

Let’s say that in five seconds, you collected 0.85 L. That means the flow is 10.2 L/min (0.85 L times 12). You’d have everything to gain by installing water- and energy-saving products. A five-minutes shower uses the equivalent of more than a hundred 500-mL water bottles when the showerhead flow rate is 10.2 L/min! Those figures may not be highly precise, but they’ll help everyone in your family understand the importance of using water responsibly. WaterSense® labeled showerheads restrict the flow to 7.6 L/min.

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