LogisVert Efficient
Homes Program

Financial assistance to use energy more wisely

Save money and energy! Get financial support when you implement energy efficiency measures. With LogisVert, it’s easy to adopt ecofriendly consumption habits!

Benefits of participating in the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program

Receive financial assistance

to implement energy efficiency measures.

Maximize the financial assistance

you could receive by combining efficiency measures.

Easily manage and follow up on your applications

through a simple user‑friendly web portal.

Contribute to Québec's clean energy transition

by reducing energy waste.

One program, so many options

The LogisVert Efficient Homes Program covers a range of measures that can be implemented in existing buildings and new constructions, including:

  • Heat pumps

  • Electric thermal storage systems

  • Efficient pool pumps and solar heating systems

  • Induction ranges

  • Heat-pump dryers

  • Roof insulation and caulking work

Have a question about the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program?

Contact LogisVert Support Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

By phone:

1 833 396‑1888

Hydro‑Québec is not associated with any company other than our service provider, Groupe Marketing International (GMI), in this sector of activity and never conducts any solicitation by telephone or door-to-door. If any individual or company offers you an unsolicited service related to the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program on behalf of Hydro‑ without your having made such a request, it is probably a scam.