What you need

  • You don’t need specific tools

  • Time
    Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield
    Yield : $
  • Difficulty
    Difficulty : 1

If your refrigerator has a built-in ice maker, it’s worthwhile to turn it off, since it consumes about 120 kWh a year. Turning off this function is a simple and easy way to lower your bill. You still want ice? Why not use a good old ice cube tray? It not only provides ice cubes, it’s a sources of cold that helps keep the freezer running efficiently.


Find the ice maker

It’s usually in the top left-hand corner of the freezer. If you have trouble finding it, see your user’s manual.


Remove the ice bin, if necessary

On some models, you don’t have to remove the ice bin to reach the ice maker switch. If you’re not sure, see the user’s manual.


Turn off the ice maker

The on/off switch should be clearly marked. Some high-tech refrigerators have an electronic display and touch controls that allow you to turn the ice maker on and off.


Replace the ice bin in the freezer, if necessary

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