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Thermal Storage System for Central Heating

Hydro-Québec is currently promoting the installation of central heating systems with thermal storage.

Is your heating system nearing the end of its useful life? Does it need a major upgrade? Opt for central heating with thermal storage and receive $15,000 in financial assistance.

Receive an additional $7,000 financial assistance if you install an ENERGY STAR® heat pump at the same time as an Electric Thermal Storage system.

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Financial assistance to install or replace a heat pump

Hydro-Québec is taking over the heat pump component of Chauffez vert, a program from the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec. The program grants financial assistance for purchasing and installing an energy-efficient heat pump. The installation of such energy-efficient devices is part of the Québec government’s 2030 Plan for a Green Economy.

As of February 15, 2021, the financial assistance for the installation of eligible heat pumps is now granted by Hydro-Québec.

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Looking to replace your water heater?

Get an instant $100* rebate when you purchase an ECOPEAK® water heater. It’s an environmentally responsible choice that will help lower Québec’s morning and evening peak power demand. Take advantage of this special offer to make a smart choice! See participating partners.

For full details on the instant rebate, please consult the terms and conditions [PDF 26.4 Kb].

In winter, manage your energy use better and lower your electricity bill

Find out which offer works best for you: Dynamic pricing or the Hilo smart home service?

Residential dual energy

If you need to replace your existing heating system or upgrade some of its components, dual energy, combined with Rate DT, is a cost-effective option. Rate DT is lower than Rate D all year, except on really cold days when the temperature drops below −12ºC or −15ºC, depending on your area. Since this happens only a few days a year, your annual energy costs (electricity and fuel) are lower, making Rate DT the more economic choice.

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