Lower the cost of heating water for showers by 20% to 40%

The proven technology of a drain water heat recovery system uses the residual heat in water in drainpipes to preheat water entering the water heater. Such a system provides a number of benefits: it reduces water heating costs for showers by 20% to 40%, is easy to install, requires little maintenance and has a service life of 30 to 50 years.

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Typical configuration


Call in a plumbing contractor.


For an optimal installation, include a drain water heat recovery system in original building plans. Install a coiled copper pipe around the drainpipe. Cool water from the mains runs through the coiled pipe and is preheated on its way to the water heater.


Compliance with standards CSA B55.1 and B55.2, and heat recovery rate of at least 42%.

Where to buy

Drain water heat recovery systems are offered by plumbing contractors.