If your household is considered a low-income household and you have fallen behind on your payments or think you might in the near future, we urge you to contact our customer services as soon as possible so we can keep your file in good standing. You may be referred to the help center for low-income households so that you can reach a payment arrangement with more manageable installments.

Customer services

  • Montréal: 514 385‑7252
  • Elsewhere: 1 888 385‑7252

You may be asked to supply proof of income, for example:

  • employment income (before taxes and deductions) for each person in your household aged 22 or over
  • benefits paid to the members of your household (CSST, social assistance, employment insurance, retirement pension, etc.)

If you’ve already had a personalized payment arrangement, you can renew it online in your Customer Space.

Low income cut-offs in effect (before taxes and deductions)

Number of occupants* Total income
1 person $29,380
2 persons $36,576
3 persons $44,966
4 persons $54,594
5 persons $61,920
6 persons $69,835
7 or more persons $77,751 or more

*Number of occupants: number of adults and children living in the same household (at the same address).

If your income exceeds the income indicated for your situation and the difference is 20% or less, please get in touch with us without delay. We may have a solution for you. For example, for a single person, the maximum income is $35,256 ($29,380 + 20%).

Source : Statistics Canada