With a timer, every second means savings!

A timer is easy to program and allows you to turn off the pump without sacrificing water quality.

A timer can help you save up to


on filtering costs without sacrificing water quality.


  • Peace of mind: Avoid starting and stopping the pump yourself.
  • Less noise: Eliminate noise from the pump motor for hours at a time!
  • Cost effective: Recover the cost of the timer before the end of the summer.

Savings for both types of pools

Above-ground pool

24-ft. diameter (42 m2)

Save up to


every summer**

In-ground pool

16 ft. x 32 ft. (48 m2)

Save up to


every summer**

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  • Make sure your pool water is clean and chemically balanced (pH and chlorine) at all times. If you use a chlorinator or a salt water system, readjust the flow accordingly. Your timer might not be compatible with your automatic chlorine or salt dispenser. Check with your retailer and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If you have a pool heater, don’t use a timer since the circulating pump will have to work whenever the heater is on.
  • You’ll need a master electrician to install any in-ground pool timer that needs to be connected to the distribution panel.
  • Don’t use a timer with a pump above water level unless there’s absolutely no risk of it losing its prime.

** Calculation basis

  • 24-ft. diameter above‑ground pool and 16 ft. x 32 ft. in-ground pool.
  • Amounts based on an electricity price of 8.89¢/kWh.
  • Filtration : Savings are calculated based on the assumption that the pool is equipped with a pump in use for 150 days, 24 hours a day, without a timer, compared with a pool equipped with a pump with a timer set to suggested off times.
  • For an above-ground pool, the calculation is based on the use of a single-speed pump/motor combination with input electrical power of 735 W.
  • For an in-ground pool, the calculation is based on the use of a single-speed pump/motor combination with input electrical power of 1,390 W.
  • For an in-ground pool, calculated savings are based on the System Curve A per California’s Title 20 Appliance Energy Regulations.

Tip: Program off time

Suggested Pump Off Time
Pool Type May June July August September-
Above-ground pool 12 hours 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours 12 hours
In-ground pool 10 hours 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours 10 hours

Where can you find energy-efficient pool products?

Energy-efficient pool products are sold by our Efficient Pools Program partners:

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