Save your energy for the pool!

Save by making your pool more efficient! Which energy-efficient products should you choose?

Tips and advice to help you save

A timer can help you save up to


on filtering costs without sacrificing water quality.

Tips and advice
  • Ask your retailer which timer is best for your pool.
  • If you choose an electronic timer, make sure it will retain your settings in the event of power outage.

A solar pool cover

can help you save up to


on the cost of heating your pool.

Tips and advice
  • Use a solar pool cover, especially overnight and even in warm weather.
  • Place the cover bubble-side down, in contact with the water, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Use a reel for easier handling.

An efficient pump can help you save up to


on your water filtration costs.

Tips and advice
  • Choose a two-speed pump that can be programmed to operate at low and high speed. It’s easy to use and maximizes savings.
  • Choose an ENERGY STAR® certified model.
  • Ask your pool retailer whether the type of pump you’ve chosen is compatible with your setup (chlorinator, salt-water system, ionizer, ozonizer, heater, etc.).
  • When it comes time to install your variable-speed pump, call upon the services of an expert, who can give you personalized tips.

Save up to


on energy costs related to water heating with a heat pump.

Tips and advice
  • Save up to 25% on your water heating costs by lowering the thermostat on your heat pump by just two degrees.
  • Leave the installation work to a master electrician.
  • Install your heat pump in a location where there’s good intake of outside air.
  • Place a protective covering over your heat pump in the winter.

Do you know how much electricity your pool uses?

Find out using our Pool consumption calculator.

Do you know how much electricity your spa uses?

Find out using our Spa consumption calculator.

Save your energy for your spa: use it wisely and lower your electricity bill.

Did you know that using your spa can cost over $500 a year?

Consider shutting it down during the winter if you don’t plan on using it. You will save over $250.

Tips and advice

  • To reduce your spa’s electricity consumption, set the thermostat to standby mode if you don’t plan on using it for a while.

  • Put the cover back on after each use to retain heat.

  • Choose a spa with better insulation and two separate pumps, including an efficient model with more than one speed.

  • Choose a rigid, well-insulated cover to avoid heat loss and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the water.

  • Make sure your spa is protected from strong winds and the elements.

Where can you find energy-efficient pool products?

Energy-efficient pool products are sold by our Efficient Pools Program partners:

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