Dynamic pricing or Hilo: compare offers

With our offers, you’ll save on your bill or receive cash rewards when you optimize your electricity use during , when everyone uses electricity at the same time.

When you opt for one of our offers, you’ll be helping to reduce the pressure on the grid when demand is high and contributing to the collective effort to support the energy transition.

Compare offers

Find out which of these offers works best for you in terms of saving electricity and money.

Average savings

Average savings for customers who took action or participated in Hilo challenges in winter 2022‑2023.

  • Dynamic


    in savings on their electricity bill

  • Hilo smart home


    in cash rewards and up to 15% savings on their electricity bill

View your potential savings by comparing the dynamic pricing options in your Customer Space and the Hilo service on the Hilo website.

Participating in peak demand events

  • Dynamic

    You limit your electricity use yourself during peak demand events.

  • Hilo smart home

    Your electricity use is automatically reduced during challenges through the use of connected devices.

Required equipment

  • Dynamic

    No installation necessary.

  • Hilo smart home

    Turnkey solution that includes connected devices.

Purchase cost

  • Dynamic


  • Hilo smart home

    Starting at $39.99.


  • Dynamic

    Credits or savings applied directly to your bill.

  • Hilo smart home

    Interac e-Transfer or cheque after Hilo’s challenge season ends.

Still looking for the best offer?

Two dynamic pricing options

You can choose one of two solutions, depending on the actions you are prepared to take to lower your electricity use.

Winter Credit Option

It’s risk-free, because your bill can only go down.

Outside peak periods

The base rate always applies.

During peak periods

The base rate always applies, minus the credit on your bill of about 54¢ per kilowatthour (kWh) curtailed.

Learn more about the Winter Credit Option

Rate Flex D

Your potential savings are higher.

Outside peak periods

An electricity rate that is up to 30% lower than the base rate.*

During peak periods

An electricity rate that is higher than the base rate: about 54¢ per kilowatthour (kWh) used.

Learn more about Rate Flex D

*For the period from December 1 to March 31, inclusive.

Hilo smart home service

With Hilo, your heating equipment is automated during challenges. You can choose one of three participation modes, depending on your needs. You’ll optimize your comfort and save money!

Three ways to participate during the challenges


The temperature is lowered by 3°C


The temperature is lowered by 4°C


The temperature is lowered by 6°C

A cash reward of 55¢ for each kilowatthour (kWh) curtailed, regardless of the participation mode you choose.

Learn more about Hilo

Go for it!

Choose the option that best meets your needs.

  • Dynamic pricing

    You choose to reduce your electricity use yourself during peak periods.

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  • Hilo smart home service

    You opt for a turnkey solution that automatically manages your electricity use.

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