As a Hydro-Québec supplier, you’re eligible to be granted a contract, provided you comply with the rules pertaining to the field of expertise, along with any requirements specified in the tender call.

You must also hold all licenses and authorizations required under the applicable laws and regulations to practice the activity in question.

This includes meeting the requirements below:

Legal requirements

Must provide an Attestation de Revenu Québec for construction contracts, goods and services worth $25,000 or more. If your business is based outside of Québec, you must also complete the form Absence d’établissement au Québec.

Must not be listed on the Registre des entreprises non admissibles aux contrats publics (RENA — register of enterprises ineligible for public contracts). This measure also applies to first‑tier subcontractors.

Must not be on the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) list of restricted, suspended or cancelled licenses, which prohibits you from bidding on a public contract or entering into one if you, your directors or your shareholders have been convicted of certain criminal acts.

Must hold an authorization to contract issued by the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP) under the Act respecting contracting by public bodies (ACPB) in order to conclude a new public contract whose amount (including renewal options) exceeds the thresholds established by law, and must maintain a valid authorization throughout the contract.

This rule also applies to suppliers from outside Québec.

Renew your AMP authorization

Renew your authorization in accordance with the time limits determined by law.

For more information, please consult the website of the AMP.

Must not be on the list published by the Office québécois de la langue française (OLF) of companies that have failed to comply with the francization process.

Financial guarantees and insurance

Refer to Contract documents and forms for the insurance certificate and security forms required by Hydro-Québec, along with the list of acceptable insurance companies and financial institutions.

  • To respond to a tender call, you must provide the following (if required by Hydro-Québec):
    • A bid security bond specifying your willingness to respect the offer you made in your response to the RFP, should your bid be chosen. Wherever bid security is required, the amount shall be indicated in the notice to prospective bidders.
  • To obtain a contract, you must provide the following (if required by Hydro-Québec):
    • A performance bond to guarantee satisfactory fulfillment of the contract should the successful bidder fail to meet its obligations under said contract.
    • A labor, material, and services payment bond to ensure that, during execution of the contract, subcontractors, materials suppliers and service providers get paid if the winning bidder defaults on payment.

Insurance requirements (coverage type and amount) are indicated in the information and instructions for prospective bidders set out in the RFP. Insurance coverage must extend for the full duration of the contract.

Quality and ISO 9001 requirements

Hydro-Québec takes every available measure to ensure the quality of the goods and services it acquires. We’re also committed to continually improving our procurement practices.

As a supplier, you must contribute to our ongoing efforts to maintain our activities at a high standard.

If you are a supplier whose business generates, transmits or distributes power or whose goods and services have a significant impact on Hydro-Québec’s corporate image, you must generally possess an accredited ISO 9001 quality management system issued in accordance with the applicable standards by a recognized authority.

To find out which markets are subject to our ISO 9001 certification requirements, refer to the notice to prospective bidders in the RFP that interests you.

Quality control

Hydro-Québec has established procedures to manage and control the quality of the goods and services it acquires.

Inspections may be carried out with certain suppliers to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. These inspections are performed by Hydro-Québec’s own quality experts or by specialized quality assurance and control firms.

Supplier performance

If you deliver goods or services that significantly impact Hydro-Québec’s core mission or corporate image, then your business may be subject to a performance evaluation based on criteria specified in the contract.

This process measures your company’s performance, not just regarding the quality of the goods and/or services provided, but also in terms of your compliance with contractual obligations and every other aspect of our business relationship.