Our procurement approach

Learn about the methods we use to call upon the market.

Our procurement policy

In keeping with our acquisition of goods and services policy [PDF 202 kB] - in French only], we adhere to best business and management practices. Our aim is to:

  • Responsibly procure quality goods and services under the best possible conditions and at the appropriate time.
  • Guarantee fair and confidential treatment of all suppliers while avoiding any conflict of interest.
  • Use our purchasing power to contribute to Québec’s economic development in compliance with applicable laws and trade agreements.
  • Foster competition when market conditions allow.

Directive for authorizing service contracts

All service contracts must be authorized by Hydro-Québec’s CEO, except as defined by the directive we put forth in accordance with the Act respecting workforce management and control within government departments, public sector bodies and networks and state-owned enterprises.

Different types of tender calls

Request for proposals

A contracting process through which Hydro-Québec either negotiates various aspects to the proposals submitted or accepts them as-is. There are two types of RFPs: “open” and “closed” (by invitation only).

Call for expressions of interest

Process through which Hydro-Québec explores a market by collecting information from the companies working in the field.

Call for qualification

Qualifying process where Hydro-Québec asks potential suppliers to submit an application in order to establish a list of candidates eligible to submit a proposal in one or more subsequent procurement processes.

This process ensures that suppliers are qualified to meet the requirements pertaining to the products or services requested. For certain goods, it also includes a certification process consisting of technical checks performed to determine whether the products in question fulfil our performance requirements.

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Trade agreements

Our acquisition of goods and services policy [PDF 202 kB - in French only] sets out the guiding principles regarding market solicitation strategies. In addition to these principles, Hydro‑Québec is subject to and required to comply with trade agreements.

Hydro-Québec respecte les accords commerciaux suivants :

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