Occupational health and safety (OHS) standards

Working in a safe environment is a priority for Hydro‑Québec. That’s why we’ve implemented several OHS measures.

Learn about the Work Safety Code (WSC)

The Work Safety Code (WSC) is a corporate guideline that establishes the safety principles for the hazards associated with energy sources found in the workplace.

Click on the tile that applies to your area of activity to consult the WSC, download the Safety Measures Sheet and learn about the various support tools available.

OHS guidelines on jobsites

Learn more about work methods on jobsites.

View the video on OHS guidelines (in French only)

Before work begins, suppliers are encouraged to watch a video outlining the health and safety standards at Hydro‑Québec.

Duration: 24 minutes 18 seconds

Maintain and update a risk register

Taking charge of occupational health and safety involves identifying and applying the necessary measures to eliminate hazards and mitigate risks that could affect the health and safety of workers on site, while encouraging their participation in OHS management in the field.

The OHS risk register contains the results of this risk analysis process, and enables each supplier to develop and provide Hydro-Québec with a prevention program specific to its activities.

For more information on the SST risk register, visit the CNESST website . The site contains training capsules and assistance tools on OHS management, including the OHS risk register.

Report an OHS event in Enablon

Do you need to report an OHS or environment-related event? Use our Enablon platform.

Learn more about Enablon

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