Three steps to submit a bid

Learn about the process involved in preparing your file and bidding on a tender call.

To understand how we call upon the market, consult our procurement approach.


Learn how to prepare your bid.


Learn about business opportunities.


Bid on a tender call.

Step 1: Learn how to prepare your bid

You want to bid on a tender call? Here is all the key information you will need to prepare your bid.

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Learn how to become a supplier

Do you meet the necessary conditions to become a supplier? 

Learn what the minimum requirements are to bid on a tender call.

Plan ahead!

It can take time to obtain certain approvals and certificates, so plan ahead.

Learn more about the requirements

Have you already signed up?

An annual subscription of $75 is required to bid on tender calls.

See the procedure regarding the payment of submission fees [PDF 721 kB]

Have you read the Information and Instructions for Prospective Bidders (IIPB) and/or clauses in the tender call document?

Learn more about the necessary conditions by consulting the market section that interests you.

Consult the clauses and the IIPB pertaining to your market

Step 2: Learn about business opportunities

We regularly publish open tender calls. The list is available in the Supplier Space.

Consult the current tender calls


For certain strategic markets, Hydro-Québec requires that its suppliers qualify before being allowed to bid. Go to the Qualification page for a list of qualified markets.

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Receive an email as soon as a tender call is published in a procurement category of interest to you.

Learn about our annual planning

View our planned tender calls related to Hydro‑Québec projects.

Step 3: Bid on a tender call

Do you want to bid on a tender call? Follow these steps:

  1. Select a tender call you are interested in.
  2. Verify whether or not the tender call requires a subscription.
  3. Acknowledge receipt of the confidentiality agreement and submit it, if required.
  4. View the details of the tender call.
  5. Confirm your participation.
  6. Prepare, validate and submit your bid.

Do you wish to file a complaint regarding a current tender call subject to an intergovernmental or international agreement?

File a complaint [in French only]

Documentation to help you bid on a tender call

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