Register your business in the Supplier Space to market your business, be aware of market calls in your industry and bid online!

Create my company’s Supplier Space

Fill out the registration form and send in your application. If you are already a Hydro-Québec supplier, be sure to have your supplier number handy. More information on creating a supplier space registration

To create your Supplier Space, be sure to have your supplier number* and your Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ) handy. It will help us identify your company more quickly.

*This number is attributed to your company by Hydro-Québec or one of its subsidiaries. It can be found on your purchase order, blanket contract or cheque stub. It comprises 6 to 10 characters–numbers or letters–starting with a number. Examples: 123456, 0A12345678

Important ! The person who creates a company’s Supplier Space will become its administrator.

Consult my Supplier Record and verify my company’s information

Verify the information on your Supplier Record. If any information is missing or incorrect, you can create a modification request.

Important! It is your responsibility to update your Supplier Record information. As soon as a change occurs, it is important to modify the Supplier Record accordingly.

Add a proof of identity if necessary

All new companies wishing to do business with Hydro-Québec must provide a proof of identity.

Companies registered in Québec must provide an Attestation de Revenu Québec (ARQ). Those not registered in Québec must fill out an Absence d’établissement au Québec form.

Please note that you have 90 days to submit a proof of identity. After that period, your Supplier Record will automatically be deleted. However, you will be able to start the registration process again in the future.