Three main steps to become a supplier

Learn more about how to register your company and become a supplier.


Create a
Supplier Space


Activate your
Supplier Space


Sign up for
tender call notices

Step 1: Create a Supplier Space

Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the Create a Supplier Space form to create a Supplier Space for your company.

The Supplier Space is a user-friendly and safe platform where you can independently update your company’s file and submit your tenders.

Create your Supplier Space

Documentation to help you

Step 2: Activate your Supplier Space

Once you’ve created your Supplier Space, you need to activate it by updating your Supplier Record.

  • Check identification information
  • Manage your contacts
  • Add a proof of identity (new suppliers)
Log in

Documentation to help you

Step 3: Sign up for tender call notices

Log in to your Supplier Space to sign up for tender call notices and select the procurement categories you’re interested in. You’ll automatically receive an email whenever a tender call is published in any of the procurement categories you select.

To learn how to sign up, consult the following document:

Log in

Documentation to help you

How to qualify

For certain strategic markets, where needs are recurring and long term, Hydro-Québec requires that its suppliers qualify before being allowed to bid.

Get ready to bid!

Find all the information you need to prepare your file and submit your tender. Make sure you schedule enough time to meet certain requirements that depend on obtaining approvals and certificates.

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