Qualification and qualified markets

Find the information you need to qualify for a market.

What is qualification?

For certain markets, where needs are recurring and long term, suppliers must go through a qualification process. Only companies who have successfully completed the qualification process can bid on calls related to “qualified” markets.

The qualification criteria focus on the quality of the workforce, the company’s experience and track record of successful projects amongst others.

Qualifications are generally for an indefinite period. When qualification is no longer required for a given market, we send a written notice to that effect.

How can my company qualify?

To become qualified, your company must:

Offer goods and/or services that are part of a “qualified” market.

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Have a Supplier Space account.

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Submit a request to qualify in response to the annual public notice issued for each market. These notices are published in the list of current tender calls.

Note: If your company wishes to become qualified before the release of a public notice, you must send an email to the address indicated in the list of qualified markets. Hydro‑Québec will respond with information on the process to follow.

Consult the list of tender calls

The terms of participation and methods used to assess bids are set out in the qualification documents specific to each market.

Suppliers must ensure that they maintain their qualified supplier status in order to be eligible to bid on tenders.

Note that products may also be subject to a certification process to ensure technical compliance. The process will begin after qualification (at Hydro‑Québec’s discretion).

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