Work Safety Code (WSC) training – Transmission lines

Learn about the training activities that address how the WSC applies to work performed on transmission lines.

Types of training activities and formats

There are two types of training available, based on your level of expertise:

Introductory training, which is designed to help beginners acquire the basic skills required to intervene in a work area.

Qualification training, which is designed for people who have already taken the introductory training and who wish to become a work supervisor or be responsible for applying the WSC in the company’s facilities.

These training activities are available in person or remotely, depending on the course.

List of training activities

How do you access the training activities? Find the training activity that interests you and click on Sign up.

Depending on the training activity you choose, you will be redirected to a registration form or an online platform.


Some courses have prerequisites. Be sure to read the relevant information in the following table.

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