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Carry out these three steps before filling out the form

Are you wondering about an overdue invoice? Please take the following steps before contacting us:

  1. Be sure that you prepared and submitted the invoice in accordance with Hydro-Québec requirements and check your inbox to verify whether the invoice was rejected.
  2. Verify that the 30-day period following the date on which the invoice was sent or the date on which the goods or services were provided (whichever is later) has passed.
  3. Contact your client at Hydro-Québec (the person who requested the goods or services) to verify whether they confirmed or approved receipt of the goods or services.

You’ve carried out the three steps mentioned above and your overdue invoice was issued more than 30 days ago? Fill out the following form to submit a request for information.

Important! A request for information can only address a single invoice. In addition, no account statements will be processed using this form.

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