Preparing and submitting an invoice

If you have supplied goods or services to Hydro‑Québec or Société d’énergie de la Baie James (SEBJ), here’s how to prepare and submit an invoice.

Preparing an invoice

  1. Company’s name and address

    The information provided must be the same as in the Registre des entreprises du Québec (REQ) and on your contract or purchase order.

    Make sure the supplier’s name on the invoice is the same as the one on the purchase order. If a third party delivered the goods or rendered the service, please contact the Info‑Acquisition Line to let us know.

  2. Invoice date
  3. Invoice number

    If you send us a credit note, you must indicate the initial invoice number to which the credit note applies.

  4. The recipient of your invoice

    Address your invoice to Hydro‑Québec or Société d’énergie de la Baie James (SEBJ), as the case may be. Any other wording will result in your invoice being rejected.

  5. One of the following references

    You must include one of the following references on your invoice:

    • Purchase order number:

      • 10 digits, starting with 45 (if you have a blanket contract, the contract number is also required)
      • 7 digits, starting with 9XXXXXX or 8 digits starting with 19XXXXXX or 7XXXXXXX, for vehicle maintenance shops only
    • Alphanumeric reference:

      • CII – an internal ID for employees (2 letters followed by 4 digits)

    Important! If you haven’t received one of these reference numbers, contact the person who requested the goods or services in order to request one.

  6. Description of the goods or services provided

    Taxable and non-taxable items must be indicated separately.

    You must ensure that the purchase order includes all items to be invoiced (delivery charges, environmental charges, surcharges, packaging, deposits).

    You may only submit an invoice for goods delivered or services rendered, even if this results in several invoices for the same purchase order. This will avoid payment delays.

  7. Invoice amount

    You need not indicate any holdback amount on your bill. It will be applied in accordance with the terms of your contract or purchase order.

  8. Applicable taxes with registration numbers

    Taxes apply to the subtotal before the contractual holdback.

    If you are registered to collect GST/HST under the Canadian government's simplified system or QST under the Québec government's specified system, you cannot collect these taxes from Hydro-Québec as Hydro-Québec is registered under the Québec government's general system.

    Here are Hydro‑Québec’s GST and QST numbers:
    GST: 119449775 RT0001
    QST: 1000042605 TQ0020

  9. The address where you would like to receive payment

If you are a non-resident supplier (from outside Canada), you must include the following information to meet your tax obligations:

  • The number of hours and the amount charged for services rendered in Canada
  • If no services were rendered in Canada, write “All services rendered outside Canada”

Do you need to submit a corrected invoice?

Submitting an invoice


The invoice must be submitted only once the goods have been shipped or the services rendered.

  • Send your invoice to Hydro-Québec or Société d’énergie de la Baie James (SEBJ) by e-mail to:

    This email address is used exclusively to receive invoices and credit notes. Any other documents received using this email address (account statements, etc.) will be destroyed.

  • The invoice, which must be sent as an email attachment, can be a PDF file (preferably text or image), a TIFF file, with a minimum resolution of 400 dpi, a Word file or an Excel file. Please take the following details regarding the attachment into account:
    • It may have several pages.
    • Each attachment must consist of only one invoice but can include supporting documents (any supporting documents must be included below the invoice in the same attachment and in the same file).
  • You must send the email directly from a valid email address that can also receive email messages.

    Important! Do not send your invoice from a “do not reply” address. The sender’s address is used to inform you if an invoice is rejected.

  • The email should not include logos, images or hyperlinks.
  • The email may include several attachments.

Once you’ve sent your invoice, you’ll receive an acknowledgment of receipt. Please keep the number you receive, as you will need it to follow up on your invoice.

You can provide a hard copy original of the invoice for up to seven years from the invoice date or three years from the end of the contract, whichever is later.

Here’s what happens at Hydro-Québec once you’ve submitted your invoice and received an acknowledgment of receipt by email:

  1. Validation of the compliance of the invoice:
    • If the invoice is compliant, the process is continued.
    • If the invoice is non‑compliant, it cannot be processed, and we will inform you of this by email. You must then correct the invoice and submit it again.
  2. Confirmation of receipt of the goods or services provided:
    • Your client at Hydro‑Québec (the person who requested the goods or services) must have confirmed the receipt of the goods or services in our systems for payment to go through.
  3. Processing the invoice and payment:
    • The invoice is processed and paid in accordance with the terms.
    • The invoice is generally paid within 30 days of the date of receipt of a valid invoice or the date of receipt of the goods or services, whichever is later.

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