Executing a contract

Learn more about the elements to monitor during the execution of your contract.

Be careful!

The following details are provided for information purposes only and may not apply to your contract. Be sure to always refer to your contract for the terms and conditions that apply.

Three main things to consider during a contract term

  1. Use adapted monitoring systems

    Implement monitoring and control systems adapted to your contract, in particular with regard to the following aspects:

    • Health and safety prevention measures
    • Environmental protection
    • Quantity and quality
    • Schedules (including related bonuses and penalties)
    • Contract amendments
    • Invoicing
    • Communications
  2. Act with loyalty and diligence

    You must respect your contractual obligations, which include the Supplier Code of Conduct and all laws and regulations in effect.

  3. Communicate regularly with our teams

    Do you think a coordination meeting between you and Hydro‑Québec would be necessary? Feel free to contact your contract administrator. His contact information is in your contract.

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