Our values

We are committed to acquiring the goods and services we need efficiently and sustainably. We rely on a responsible procurement approach and abide by values such as ethics, integrity, socioeconomic spinoffs and environmental protection.

Creating collective wealth through sustainable procurement

In line with our sustainable development plan and our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, we promote best practices in responsible purchasing and educate our suppliers about sustainability.

Sustainable procurement allows us to reduce the environmental impact and increase the socioeconomic spinoffs of the goods and services we purchase, over their entire life cycle.

Prioritizing ethics, human rights and health and safety

We want to work with companies that respect human rights, abide by strict ethical standards and implement best practices in occupational health and safety.

Ethics: At the heart of our corporate culture

Being upstanding in our relations with others, our behavior and our decisions; that is what we mean by the term “ethics.”

To ensure fair treatment toward all suppliers, our company and employees have a duty to:

  • Perform their tasks in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and organizational guidelines, particularly the rules of ethics and any codes of conduct in effect.
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest along with any situation liable to create them.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Consult the document to learn what we expect from our suppliers.

Reporting ethical misconduct

We have a reporting service, available 24/7, for reporting ethical misconduct.

Respecting human rights

We expect our suppliers to abide by labor practices aligned with the values and expectations set out in the Code of Conduct. We also request that they take all necessary measures to ensure that their supply chain does not include any forced labor and that their established labor practices are compliant with applicable standards.

Did you know?

Hydro-Québec is committed to fighting corruption. In fact, we are the first Québec corporation to have attained ISO 37001:2016 certification for our anti-bribery management system (ABMS).

Bringing our health and safety values to life

We believe that nothing justifies endangering the health or lives of the public, our employees or our suppliers.

That’s why occupational health and safety (OHS) is at the heart of all our operations, including all supplier-related activities (from selection, to contract management, to performance evaluation).

View our OHS-related selection criteria:

Find out our selection criteria

Contributing to Québec’s socioeconomic development

Through our purchasing power, we promote socioeconomic spinoffs in Québec, subject to our obligation to respect all applicable intergovernmental or international agreements, and we:

  1. Prioritize Québec or regional companies, where competition allows.
  2. Favor suppliers offering Québec products and services, while ensuring healthy competition.
  3. Establish business relations with Indigenous companies (see our Indigenous Procurement Strategy [PDF 409 kB]).
  4. Undertake to purchase more goods and services from social economy enterprises whose activities support causes such as job creation, the fight against poverty, social inclusion, academic perseverance, gender equality and the integration of immigrants.

Is your company an Indigenous company, social economy enterprise or a diverse business?

Let us know! Fill out the form to create a Supplier Space for your company and select the category that applies to your company on this form.

Protecting the environment

We work with our suppliers to implement the best practices in environmental management. Our operations are governed by an environmental management system compliant with ISO standard 14001:2015.

Hydro-Québec preserves biodiversity, makes managing environmental impacts an integral part of its business processes and reduces GHG emissions in its supply chain.

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