Forced labor has no place in Hydro‑Québec’s supply chain.

Hydro‑Québec will not tolerate labor practices that run counter to the values and expectations with respect to suppliers set out in its Supplier Code of Conduct.

Hydro‑Québec aims to be proactive and strongly encourages its suppliers to take all measures to ensure that their supply chains are free from forces labor and that established practices comply with Québec and international human rights as well as labor rights.

Hydro‑Québec is therefore asking suppliers that are exposed to human rights risks to implement internationally recognized traceability protocols to identify the sources of their inputs and closely monitor the supply chain right up to the manufacturing and distribution of finished products. This approach constitutes a key tool to improve transparency and ensure our supply chain does not rely on forced labor.

We have further detailed the Supplier Code of Conduct and solemn declarations form to reflect Hydro-Québec’s clear and unequivocal expectations with regard to human rights.

More information on the Supplier Code of Conduct [PDF 101 kB ] and Solemn declarations form [PDF 647 kB – in French only]

Confidential hotline

To report misconduct (e.g., fraud, theft, bribery, collusion, false billing, conflict of interest, etc.), any person may do so through these two means:

  • Secure form – In French only (you will be redirected to an external platform)
  • 1 866 384-4783 (toll free)

This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All reports and requests for support and mediation are treated impartially and confidentially. Individuals who make reports in good faith, or who cooperate with a validation or investigation, are protected from retaliation.

More about the hotline