Opt for central heating with electric thermal storage and receive $6,500 in financial assistance from Hydro‑Québec

A winning choice for its financial, technical and environmental benefits

Hydro‑Québec will provide $6,500 of financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a central heating ETS system. This financial assistance covers a good part of the additional cost of installing an ETS system as opposed to a traditional electrical system (excluding fuel tank removal and/or electrical panel modification, if applicable).

If you take the further step of signing up for Rate Flex D, then your overall savings in comparison with a traditional electric system could help you to recoup your investment, typically in a few years.

  • Simple, proven technology that’s easy to maintain
  • Quieter than a dual‑energy or fuel-oil system
  • Can be used with a heat pump
  • No overheating in the area where the device is located, despite the high temperature of the thermal mass
  • Easy connection to existing ventilation ducts (requires only slightly more space than a standard electric heating system)

A central heating ETS system is 100% electric. Since it replaces equipment that runs on fossil fuels, it protects the environment and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, as electricity generated in Québec is 99% clean and renewable.

Flex D dynamic pricing: a further advantage

If you choose to install a central heating ETS system, we recommend signing up for Hydro‑Québec’s new dynamic rate, Flex D, which could lead to major savings on your bill.

During winter:

Outside peak demand events, the price of electricity is below the base rate, which could mean considerable savings for you.

During peak demand events, electricity is billed at a higher rate (50¢/kWh). Since your central heating ETS system automatically turns off its heating elements during these short periods, your overall electricity demand will be greatly reduced.

The rest of the year:

Rate D (the base rate) will apply.

All about Rate Flex D