Opt for central heating with electric thermal storage and receive $10,000 in financial assistance from Hydro‑Québec

How to obtain financial assistance from Hydro-Québec.

Below, a brief overview of the steps to obtaining financial assistance from Hydro‑Québec.

For detailed instructions, see our Participant’s Guide [PDF 161 KB].

Eligibility criteria

  • Live in the province of Québec, in areas served by a certified Steffes installer. (List of Steffes authorized installers [PDF 136 kB])
  • Own a single-family home (detached/semi-detached/row house) or a plex in which the forced-air system serves only one unit.
  • Be the owner of the premises where the system is to be installed
  • Have a forced-air central heating system
  • Have an easy-to-access basement with a concrete floor
  • Be a Rate D or DT customer
  • Have a communicating meter
  • Have a Customer Space account on Hydro-Québec’s website

Please contact a company on the List of Steffes authorized installers [PDF 136 KB] to make an appointment for an estimate.

Once you’ve chosen your installer, complete the Application for Qualification [PDF 653 KB] before work begins to ensure your eligibility for the rebate.

Email your Application for Qualification to Hydro‑Québec at: DEE_BPGI_Appui_Financier@hydro.qc.ca

Hydro-Québec will send confirmation of your eligibility to both you and your installer.

The next step after you receive your confirmation of eligibility is to contact your installer to set up the installation date for your new central heating ETS system.

Settle the bill once the work is done. Then, ask the installer to fill out the Installation Certificate [PDF 708 KB].

Please note that no more than 12 months must elapse between your eligibility confirmation date and Hydro Québec’s receipt of the Installation Certificate affirming that the work has been carried out.

Email Hydro‑Québec (address below) the following documents within 12 months of receiving your confirmation of eligibility:

  • The Rebate Form [PDF 731 KB], duly completed and signed by participant. If you’d like to sign up for Rate Flex D at that time, indicate this in the space provided on the form.
  • The Installation Certificate [PDF 708 KB], duly completed and signed by installer
  • A copy of the invoice attesting to the purchase and installation of a central heating ETS system and of the eligible heat pump (optional) and including the following:
    • Invoice number
    • Installation address
    • Installation date
    • Installer’s name
    • Installer’s GST/QST numbers
    • Make and model of the Electric Thermal Storage unit (and the heat pump, if applicable)
    • A photo of the heat pump and the label containing the unit’s model number
    • Proof of payment (e.g., “PAID” marked on the bill)

Please note that purchase orders and delivery slips shall not be accepted in place of an invoice.

Send your documents by email to: DEE_BPGI_Appui_Financier@hydro.qc.ca

Hydro-Québec will process your application within eight weeks. You will receive the $10,000 rebate once your application is confirmed as being complete, duly signed and accompanied by the requested documents.

For the rebate offered by the Québec government’s Chauffez vert program to those who converted their oil or propane central‑heating system to electricity, requests must be made to the Government of Québec by filling out the online form on the following page:


If, on the Rebate Form, you’ve indicated that you would like to sign up for Rate Flex D, Hydro‑Québec will set about making the change as soon as possible. However, if your request to change is submitted between November 21 and March 31, your registration will be postponed until the next sign-up period, from April 1 to November 20. Please note that Rate DT (dual-energy) customers who switch to Rate Flex D may also need to have their meters changed.