Opt for the purchase and installation of an electric thermal storage heating system combined with a central heat pump and receive $22,000 in financial assistance from Hydro‑Québec


Learn more about the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program if you wish to have an electric thermal storage system installed. For more information, contact one of the List of Steffes authorized installers [PDF 145 kB].

They chose central heating with electric thermal storage

Mr. Jacques Fréchet — Saint‑Lambert

“I am very satisfied with my new electric thermal storage heating system. This kind of system is generally less noisy than an oil-fired system.

“Installation took a day and a half. The system is slightly larger and takes up a little more space. Given my basement layout, the installer suggested changing the angle of the unit to take advantage of the space created by removing the oil tank. While the system doesn’t give off much heat, I was advised not to place anything on top of the main module.

“I’m still using the standard thermostat I had with my old dual‑energy system and I didn’t have to do any additional programming. The heat pump I already had was also paired with the new system and didn’t require any special programming. It all works very well together. We’ve noticed the new system starts up a little more often than the dual‑energy system.

“Our comfort level hasn’t changed since there’s no difference in terms of heat output. The new system hasn’t needed any maintenance since being installed. Of course, electric systems generally require little maintenance apart from regularly replacing the filter.

“I applied for a grant from the Québec government Chauffez vert Program and I have been notified that I am eligible.”

Ms. Francine Sénécal — Saint‑Laurent

“I’m very pleased with my new electric thermal storage heating system.

“Installed in two days by a fantastic and very professional team, this system is in the same spot as my old dual‑energy system. It requires a little more space, but since the oil tank was removed, this wasn’t an issue. The system also doesn’t give off excess heat.

“I kept the standard thermostat that had been connected to the old system as well as my heat pump. Everything works great and I didn’t have to do any programming. That said, I think I’m going to sign up for Hilo and get a smart thermostat.

“No maintenance has been required since the system was installed. All the same, I have been strongly recommended to have the ducts cleaned and take the opportunity to replace the filter, which was done recently.

“Last but not least, I also qualified for a grant through the Québec government’s Chauffez vert Program. The process is really straightforward and I received the money just a couple of months after submitting my application. I’m pretty pleased about that!”