To ensure we engage only vendors committed to excellence and ongoing improvement, we verify the qualifications of our suppliers and their ability to meet our company requirements.

The supplier qualification process is one way Hydro-Québec ensures adequate qualification for certain markets. Labour, experience and execution are all evaluated based on our criteria. This process is used in markets deemed strategic and for which there is a recurring long-term need.

How to qualify

The terms of participation and the methods used to assess bids are set out in the qualification documentation specific to each market.

Qualification applications must be submitted by e-mail. Review the prospective bidders’ instructions on how to qualify in the list of qualified markets or read the public notices in the section on current tender calls.

Once your bid has been examined, we will contact you with the results.

The qualification process prequalifies suppliers to bid on a given request for proposals.

Note that your products may also be subject to a certification process to ensure their technical compliance. This would take place only after the initial qualification (and at Hydro-Québec’s discretion).

Hydro-Québec may revoke a supplier’s qualification at any time by sending the supplier a written notice to that effect.

Maintaining your qualification status

Once qualified, you must maintain your status for a given period.

We periodically review the status of qualified suppliers based on the criteria set out in the documentation featured on the list of qualified markets. If your status needs to be changed, we will let you know at the time of your review.

List of qualified markets

Splice vaults

Qualification documentation

List of qualified suppliers

Underground conduits – distribution system

Precast concrete troughs

Qualification documentation

List of qualified suppliers

Substation construction (civil, electrical and building engineering)

Transmission line construction

Materials Quality Control

Pole and anchor installation – Transmission lines

Insulators and insulated supports

Qualification documentation

List of qualified suppliers

Vegetation control – Distribution lines – Pruning, clearing and felling – Existing lines

Vegetation control – Transmission lines

Wood Poles

Qualification documentation

  • Contact Sidney Martz for information about the prequalification process.

List of qualified suppliers

Underground high-voltage cable pulling (other than distribution)

Air transportation – Airplane chartering– Helicopter chartering

Precast concrete oil interceptors

List of qualified suppliers