A written document issued by Hydro-Québec’s Direction principale d’Approvisionnement stratégique (strategic procurement department) amending the request for proposals and forming an integral part of the request for proposals document.


A written document signed by Hydro-Québec and the successful bidder in order to amend the contract.

Conditions applicable to construction site/establishment

Contract provisions concerning occupational health and safety. The conditions that apply to the work are determined by law and the nature of the work to be performed.


All documents exchanged by the supplier and Hydro-Québec and described in subparagraph 2.1.2 PRECEDENCE OF DOCUMENTS of the clause INTERPRETATION OF THE CONTRACT, which identifies the respective rights and obligations of the supplier and Hydro-Québec.

Contract price

The total of the lump sums, unit prices and any other remuneration stipulated in the contract, such as an hourly rate, subject to adjustments that may be made in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

Construction site

For the purposes of the Act respecting occupational health and safety (CQLR c. S-2.1), a construction site is a place where foundation, erection, maintenance, renovation, repair, alteration or demolition work is carried out in respect of a building or of civil engineering works, on and at the site itself, including the preparatory work of land clearing or earth moving and any other work determined by regulation, and the lodging, eating or recreational facilities put at the disposal of the construction workers by the employer.


All tools, implements, instruments, apparatus, machinery, construction equipment, vehicles, buildings and facilities required to perform or maintain the work or maintain the goods to be supplied and that are not incorporated into the structures or goods.


For the purposes of the Act respecting occupational health and safety (CQLR c. S-2.1), an establishment means all the installations and equipment grouped on one site and organized under the authority of one person or of related persons in view of producing or distributing goods or services, except a construction site; this word includes, in particular, a school, a construction enterprise and the lodging, eating or recreational facilities put at the disposal of workers by the employer, excepting, however, private lodging facilities.


The goods that the supplier is required to supply under the contract.


Ensemble des documents échangés par le Fournisseur et Hydro-Québec décrits au sous-alinéa 2.1.2 PRIORITÉS DES DOCUMENTS de la clause INTÉRPRÉTATION DU CONTRAT ayant pour objet de définir les droits et obligations respectives du Fournisseur et d’Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec representative

Any natural person named in the notice of award, who is in charge of the request for proposals process and who has the authority and responsibility to manage the contract on behalf of Hydro-Québec. The Hydro-Québec representative may designate another person to represent him or her in its dealing with the supplier.

Joint venture

A formal or informal association of two or more natural or legal persons established to submit a proposal to and enter into a contract with Hydro-Québec. A joint venture can also be called a consortium.


Anything that is incorporated into the structures or goods to be supplied, or is consumed to perform the work or carry out the contract.

Notice of award

A written document issued to the supplier in the form of an order, blanket agreement or other document, depending on the case, in which Hydro-Québec informs the supplier that it is the successful bidder.


Any natural or legal person, any partnership or company governed by the Civil Code of Québec, any trust or other entity recognized under the law of a Canadian province or territory or of a foreign state.

Principal contractor

The person who, on a construction site, is responsible for the performance of all the work for the purposes of the Act respecting occupational health and safety (CQLR c. S-2.1). This person is named in the special conditions.


L’ensemble des outils, de l’outillage, des instruments, des appareils, des machines, des équipements de construction, des véhicules, des bâtiments et des installations nécessaire à l’exécution ou à l'entretien des travaux ou à l'entretien des biens à être fournis et qui ne sont pas incorporés aux ouvrages ou aux biens.

Principal establishment

Place where the supplier conducts business and where its supervisory staff and equipment are ordinarily based.

Request for proposals

The document provided or issued by Hydro-Québec for the purpose of obtaining offers or proposals.


Any person who enters into a subcontracting agreement with the supplier or another subcontractor in connection with the contract, specifically concerning the performance of work or services, the supply or manufacturing of materials or equipment, or any other service, including professional services. Where the successful bidder is a joint venture, no member of or person who is part of the joint venture may be considered a subcontractor.

Successful bidder

The supplier who is awarded the contract and who has an obligation to perform it.


The person who submits a proposal in response to a request for proposals or any person awarded a contract by Hydro-Québec, including the supplier, the contractor, the service provider, the institution, the consultant or the successful bidder.

Supplier’s establishment

A supplier’s "establishment" in a region is a fixed location, excluding any construction site or mining camp, where the supplier has conducted its activities continually for at least one (1) year on the date of the opening of proposals and from where it has been obliged to perform, in that same region, one or more contracts comparable to the contract covered by this request for proposals. In addition, the firm’s management and operations staff must work at the establishment on a regular basis during regular business hours. These establishments must be clearly identified under the supplier’s name and be accessible to the public.