Rate option structure

This option applies in addition to base rate D, DP, DM, G, M, G9 or LG.

The price of additional electricity, which covers both power and energy, is as follows:

  • Price of additional electricity consumed outside of unauthorized periods:
    • Rates D, DP and DM:
      Cannot be lower
      than /kWh
    • Rates G, M and G9:
      Cannot be lower
      than /kWh
    • Rate LG:
      Cannot be lower
      than /kWh
  • Price of additional electricity consumed during unauthorized periods
  • Prices applicable to reference power
    Demand charge plus the energy prices
    under the base rate

Rates in effect as of April 1, . This table does not replace the Electricity Rates document in any way whatsoever.

Depending on load management requirements and power system availability, Hydro‑Québec reserves the right to prohibit consumption of additional electricity on two hours’ notice. Any additional electricity consumed during unauthorized periods will be charged at the higher rate specified above.

Calculation of billing amount

The calculation is made according to your monthly consumption data, measured and recorded by your meter and based on average values for 15-minute blocks. Consumption that exceeds the reference power is billed at the applicable price for additional electricity. The reference power and the rest of the energy are billed at the prices and conditions in effect for the base rate, i.e., Rate D, DP, DM, G, M, G9 or LG.

Information/Sign-Up Request

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More information

To learn more about the rate option for raising crops, refer to the section of the Electricity Rates that applies to your service contract: