Winter credit: Risk-free option

The Winter Credit Option is a dynamic pricing option that is combined with Rate D (base rate) and enables you to receive a credit if you reduce your electricity use during peak demand events. It’s risk-free, because your bill can only go down.

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How the Winter Credit Option works

  • When you sign up for the Winter Credit Option, you continue to pay for electricity at the base rate (Rate D).
  • The day before a peak demand event, you’ll receive a notification by email and, if you wish, through our mobile app.
  • During an event, you’re entitled to a credit for every kilowatthour (kWh) “curtailed” (that is, not consumed compared with your usual energy use).

The greater the effort you make, the more you’ll save

For example, if, during a peak demand event, you use 13 kWh less than usual at the same time of day, a credit of will be applied to your next bill.

Please note that the credit is given only if you reduce your electricity use by 2 kWh or more per event.

If you can’t use less electricity during a peak demand event, the base rate applies, as usual, but you won’t receive any credit. It’s risk-free, because your bill can only get smaller.

A mild winter versus a cold winter

The number of hours of peak demand events may vary from one winter to the next according to the electricity demand forecast, which fluctuates depending on weather conditions and the state of the grid. In a winter season with a greater number of peak periods (a maximum of 100 hours), your potential savings will be higher, whereas in a winter with only a few peak periods, you will likely save less.

Peak demand events

Peak demand events can take place any day of the week from December 1 to March 31, from 6 to 9 a.m. and from 4 to 8 p.m. There may be 25 to 33 events per winter, at most, for a maximum of 100 hours in all.

See how much you could save and sign up!

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A customized tool to track your savings

You can track your savings closely in your Customer Space. There you’ll find the following information: