Structure of Rate D with Winter Credit Option

The Winter Credit Option is added to your base rate, Rate D.

Structure of Rate D

  • System access charge for each day in the consumption period
  • Price applicable to energy consumed up to 40 kWh times the number of days in the consumption period (1st tier) /kWh
  • Price applicable to remaining energy consumed (2nd tier) /kWh

Structure of Winter Credit Option

Rates in effect April 1, . This table does not replace the Electricity Rates document in any way whatsoever.

Understanding rates

Rates generally have three main components that reflect the actual costs incurred to provide electricity service.

System access charge

Amount you pay for service. At Rate D, it is expressed in cents per day.


You are billed for the amount of energy you actually use.

Power demand

“Power demand” is not considered in Rate D with Winter Credit Option.

Electricity rates may also include other components

Credit for medium- or high-voltage supply

Hydro‑Québec grants a supply credit of per kilowatthour (kWh) to Rate D customers to whom it supplies electricity at 5 kilovolts (kV) or higher.

Hydro‑Québec's rates assume that electricity will be supplied at low voltage. Customers who have equipment to step down the voltage of the electricity they are supplied, or who use electricity at medium or high voltage, represent reduced costs for Hydro‑Québec. In return, they are granted a monthly credit.

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More information

To find out more about the Winter Credit Option for Rate D customers, see Section 8 of Chapter 2 of the Electricity Rates [PDF 1.44 MB].