Four tips to reduce your bill this winter

You can help make Québec greener, even in winter! Discover four easy ways to cut down on the heating of spaces and water so you can save electricity and money during the coldest months of the year.

1. Caulk your windows

Did you know that warm air leaks and cold air infiltration account for up to 25% of a home’s heat loss? Before heating season arrives, you can inspect your home and do some maintenance work to limit air leaks.

A simple visual check will show you if it’s time to carry out a few minor repairs that could lead to major savings!

Learn how to caulk your windows

2. Heat efficiently

Heating accounts for over half of your electricity bill. That’s why small changes to your energy-use habits and your heating equipment are great ways to maximize savings when the mercury drops.

Have you considered installing a smart thermostat or turning down the thermostat by 1°C?

Heating efficiently in the fall and winter is easier than you think!

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3. Sign up for one of our winter offers

Being energy wise during winter peaks pays off! When you sign up for dynamic pricing or Hilo’s smart home service, you shift your energy use to outside winter peak periods and bring down your electricity bill.

With dynamic pricing, you help reduce the pressure on the grid by deciding for yourself how you want to reduce your electricity use during peak demand events.

With Hilo, your energy use gets shifted automatically to off‑peak periods thanks to connected smart devices.

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4. Use hot water wisely

Using hot water wisely is key to saving electricity. Heating water is a home’s second largest source of energy consumption. When the weather gets colder, a long hot bath can feel tempting.

Instead, opt for short showers using a reduced-flow showerhead and adopt the right habits in the kitchen and laundry rooms, too.

Use hot water wisely

Save money and energy

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