The Supplier Space is an essential tool for companies wishing to do business with Hydro-Québec. User-friendly and secure, it will provide suppliers with a wide range of new features.

Register your company now to stay informed about tender calls in your particular area and bid online!

Submitting a bid in the Supplier Space

avertissement Create your company’s Supplier Space and join the list of Hydro-Québec’s potential suppliers. If you are already a Hydro-Québec supplier, be sure to have your supplier number handy.

More information on creating a supplier space registration
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  • Create my company’s Supplier Space

    To create your Supplier Space, be sure to have your supplier number* and your Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ) handy. It will help us identify your company more quickly.

    *This number is attributed to your company by Hydro-Québec or one of its subsidiaries. It can be found on your purchase order, blanket contract or cheque stub. It comprises 6 to 10 characters–numbers or letters–starting with a number. Examples: 123456, 0A12345678

Learn about some of the features

  • Sign up for notices

    In the Supplier Space, you can sign your company up and receive an email notice when a tender call is issued in the selected procurement category.

  • Update your company file and manage your contacts

    Depending on your profile, you can modify your company information yourself and create, add or delete a contact easily at any time.

  • Submit documents

    Submit documents* related to a call directly in the Supplier Space. They will remain in your history should you need to consult them later.

    * Maximum of 500 MB per document

  • Simple communication with Hydro-Québec via the integrated mailbox

    Share information with the person in charge of the call using the tool’s integrated mailbox and follow up on your messages.