Improve the energy efficiency of your rental units with the WaterSense® labeled product kits

Save up to 70% on the
purchase of your kits.

Are you a housing co-op, a non-profit organization or a municipal housing office? Are you looking to lower your renovation costs and achieve your sustainable development goals? WaterSense® labeled products will improve the energy efficiency of your rental units, making them more appealing and increasing your tenants’ quality of life.

You will also be helping your tenants optimize their hot water use. The showerheads and faucet aerators included in our kits limit water flow without sacrificing comfort. With these water- and energy-saving products, your tenants will use less electricity for water heating, which may account for up to 20% of their Hydro-Québec bill.

You are not a housing co-op, a non-profit organization or a municipal housing office? Other options may be available to you.

Order your kits now!

Get up to 69% off the unit price when you purchase 50 kits or more
(free delivery across Québec).

Massage showerhead

$8,00 per kit
when you buy 50 kits or more

With its many adjustable jets, this showerhead offers three massage settings (gentle needle spray to forceful jet) and is made of ABS thermoplastic with a brass connection.

2 faucet aerators and 2 accessories included How to order

Rainfall showerhead

$10,00 per kit
when you buy 50 kits or more

In addition to its 12-cm (4.5-inch) diameter spray head with 39 jets, this showerhead has 360° swivel action and is made of ABS thermoplastic with a brass connection.

2 faucet aerators and 2 accessories included How to order

Handheld showerhead

$12,00 per kit
when you buy 50 kits or more

This 12-jet showerhead has three massage settings and is made of ABS thermoplastic with a brass connection. It comes with a 1.8-metre (5-foot) hose and mounting bracket.

2 faucet aerators and 2 accessories included How to order

Interested in our kits?
Here’s how you can order them:

  • Contact Solutions Ecofitt, Hydro-Québec’s service provider,
    at 514 677-0099 or toll-free at 1 855 882-0099.
  • Fill in an order form on the Solutions Ecofitt Web site.

In addition to the showerhead, our kits include:

  • One swivel kitchen faucet aerator:; It reduces water flow to 5.7 L/min. Made of brass with a polished chrome finish, it has a dual-thread aerator system designed to fit both male and female faucets.
  • One bathroom faucet aerator:; It reduces water flow to 5.7 L/min. Made of brass with a polished chrome finish, it has a dual-thread aerator system designed to fit both male and female faucets.
  • Teflon tape:; To seal joints when connecting showerheads and faucet aerators.
  • One five-minute shower timer: (optional); This optional item helps you save water by cutting down on the time you spend in the shower.
  • One flow meter bag:. To calculate the water flow of your showerhead and faucets.

Do you manage fewer than 50 rental units?

Housing co-ops, non-profit organizations and municipal housing offices that manage fewer than 50 housing units can join together to place an order and qualify for the savings available on the purchase of 50 kits or more. Each manager can ask for and receive a separate invoice.

To learn more about group purchases, contact Solutions Ecofitt, Hydro-Québec’s service provider, at 514 677-0099 or toll-free at 1 855 882-0099.

Names of participating organizations

Municipal housing bureaus (OMH)

  • OMH Amos,
  • OMH Baie-Du-Febvre,
  • OMH Beauharnois,
  • OMH Beaupré,
  • OMH Berthierville,
  • OMH Blainville,
  • OMH Boisbriand,
  • OMH Bromont,
  • OMH Cap-Santé,
  • OMH Chandler,
  • OMH Clermont,
  • OMH de Daveluyville,
  • OMH de Gatineau,
  • OMH de L’Assomption,
  • OMH de L’Épiphanie,
  • OMH de Lorrainville,
  • OMH de Macamic,
  • OMH de Poularies,
  • OMH de Prévost,
  • OMH de Rivière-du-Loup (CS),
  • OMH de Roquemaure,
  • OMH de St-André-d’Argenteuil,
  • OMH de Thetford Mines,
  • OMH de Val-des-Bois,
  • OMH de Ville-Marie,
  • OMH Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent,
  • OMH Deschambault,
  • OMH Dolbeau-Mistassini,
  • OMH Ferme-Neuve,
  • OMH Gatineau,
  • OMH Gracefield,
  • OMH Granby,
  • OMH Grande-Vallée,
  • OMH Joliette,
  • OMH La Malbaie,
  • OMH Lac-des-Écorces,
  • OMH Lasarre,
  • OMH Laval,
  • OMH Lévis,
  • OMH Longueuil,
  • OMH Magog,
  • OMH Malartic,
  • OMH Mont-Laurier,
  • OMH Mont-Louis,
  • OMH Montmagny,
  • OMH Montréal,
  • OMH Mont-Saint-Hilaire,
  • OMH Normandin,
  • OMH Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice-de-Buckland,
  • OMH Papineauville,
  • OMH Port-Daniel-Gascons,
  • OMH Ragueneau,
  • OMH Rawdon,
  • OMH Rivière-à-Pierre,
  • OMH Roberval,
  • OMH Rosemère,
  • OMH Rouyn-Noranda,
  • OMH Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska,
  • OMH Saint-Alexis-de-Montcalm,
  • OMH Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues,
  • OMH Saint-Côme,
  • OMH Saint-Edmond-les-Plaines,
  • OMH Sainte-Germaine-Boulé,
  • OMH Sainte-Marguerite,
  • OMH Saint-Esprit,
  • OMH Sainte-Thérèse,
  • OMH Saint-Félicien,
  • OMH Saint-Félix-de-Valois,
  • OMH Saint-Félix-d’Otis,
  • OMH Saint-Fulgence,
  • OMH Saint-Hyacinthe,
  • OMH Saint-Jérôme,
  • OMH Saint-Michel-des-Saints,
  • OMH Saint-Raymond,
  • OMH Saint-Siméon,
  • OMH Saint-Stanislas,
  • OMH Saint-Thomas-Didyme,
  • OMH Sherbrooke,
  • OMH Sorel-Tracy,
  • OMH Thetford Mines,
  • OMH Tring-Jonction,
  • OMH Valcourt,
  • OMH Val-d’Or,
  • OMH Ville La Tuque,
  • ORH Lac des Deux Montagnes.

Non-profit organizations

  • Centre Yee Kang,
  • Fondation des ressources alternatives du Sud-Ouest,
  • Fondation le renfort grande ligne,
  • Gestion des 3 Pignons Tours Frontenac,
  • Habitation communautaire Lachine,
  • Habitation de la Shapem,
  • Habitations des Rivières de l’Outaouais,
  • Hébergement d’urgence Lanaudière,
  • Le groupe de 44,
  • Le relais familial d’Auteuil,
  • Les Habitations Logival Inc,
  • Les habitations Memphrémagog inc.,
  • Les habitations Saint-Pamphile,
  • Logements James Turner,
  • Logements populaires du bel-âge inc.,
  • Maison d’hébergement jeunesse Roland-Gauvreau,
  • Manoir Grand-Moulin,
  • Manoir Marc-Aurèle Fortin Inc,
  • Place des Argousiers,
  • Réseau Environnement,
  • Résidence Bonaventure,
  • Résidence Le Jardin,
  • Société de logements populaires de Lanaudière,
  • Société d’habitation de Ragueneau,
  • Société Locative D’investissement et de développement social.

Other organizations

  • Services de réadaptation du Sud-Ouest et du renfort

Housing coops

  • Coopérative Belle Étoile,
  • Coopérative Bonny,
  • Coopérative Bord du fleuve,
  • Coopérative Coup Double,
  • Coopérative Coup d’oeil,
  • Coopérative De Lille,
  • Coopérative de solidarité du Bois Ellen,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Berthe-Louard Montréal inc.,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Carcajou de Montréal,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Devonshire,
  • Coopérative d’habitation L’arc-en-ciel de Verdun,
  • Coopérative d’habitation L’Îlot Berthelot,
  • Coopérative d’habitation L’Îlot fleuri,
  • Coopérative d’habitation La cathédrale,
  • Coopérative d’habitation La collective,
  • Coopérative d’habitation La maison de Corfou,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Les logements idoines,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Ouimet,
  • Coopérative d’habitation Place du Collège,
  • Coopérative d’habitation de Sainte-Christine (La Christinoise),
  • Coopérative d’habitation du Bon voisinage,
  • Coopérative du Parc,
  • Coopérative FECHIMM,
  • Coopérative Haus der Heimat,
  • Coopérative Hermandad,
  • Coopérative La Clairière,
  • Coopérative La Nouvelle Découverte,
  • Coopérative La loge,
  • Coopérative Laurier,
  • Coopérative Le Trèfle Bleu,
  • Coopérative Les 2 rues,
  • Coopérative Les Clairières du Mainbourg,
  • Coopérative Lezarts,
  • Coopérative Montérégie,
  • Coopérative Objectif Chez Nous,
  • Coopérative Parc Marquette,
  • Coopérative Prince George,
  • Coopérative Sans frontière de Rosemont,
  • Coopérative Skanagowa,
  • Coopérative Villa Nobert.

Why choose our kits?

Unbeatable prices

Our water- and energy-saving product kits are sold at a much lower price than at retailers. And the more kits you buy for your units, the lower their unit price.

10-year warranty

The showerheads and faucet aerators in our kits are covered by a 10-year warranty. In addition, the showerheads are made of ABS thermoplastic, a corrosion- and impact-resistant material.

A cost-effective, sustainable solution

If you pay for the electricity in your units, your kits will pay for themselves in under three months, so just think of the potential annual savings. If your tenants pay for the electricity, you can save them over $100 a year (for a family of four).

Personalized delivery

Our kits are shipped to a single address. At your request, showerheads can be packed in a box separate from aerators for easier distribution and installation in your units.

Quick and easy installation

Installing the showerheads and faucet aerators is quick and easy. The instructions provided in the kit are very straightforward. We even have a video tutorial to help you out.

Less demand on water heaters

By optimizing hot water consumption in your units, you reduce the risk of breakdowns of your water heaters and extend their lifespan.



Our showerheads and faucet aerators are self-cleaning and don’t require any maintenance.

Offer valid regardless of the water heater’s energy source

Our water- and energy-saving kits are available to all housing co-ops, non-profit organizations and municipal housing offices, regardless of the energy source used to heat the water in their buildings.

Uncompromised comfort

Our showerheads and faucet aerators reduce the flow rate to 5.7 L/min, which is up to 40% less than that of conventional products. The water pressure remains the same, so your tenants won’t even notice a difference!

Do you pay for the electricity in your units?
Estimate potential savings

In under three months, your investment will pay for itself and make for years of savings. See how much our kits of WaterSense® labeled products can help optimize water and electricity consumption in your units.

Number of units


Number of units

Potential savings

$5 389 less on your annual
electricity bill

1 983 906 fewer litres of water consumed each year

The amount of water and energy used and saved varies depending on the type of products installed and household requirements. Calculations are based on several factors, including: one kit installed per unit, with a handheld showerhead at $13.80/kit (taxes included) on the purchase of 50 or more (including group purchases of 50 or more kits), an average of 2.3 people per household, cost of electricity at 8.65¢/kWh (taxes included); baseline flow rate of 9.5 L/min for showerheads and 8.3 L/min for faucets with aerators, shower duration of 8 min per person per day, water temperature at the intake of the water heater: 12°C, and tap water temperature: 40°C.

Some good habits to develop

Insulate the plumbing

Consider updating the insulation on your units’ pipes, particularly if they run through unheated areas. If possible, install your washing machines near the water heaters to reduce the amount of heat loss through the connecting pipes.

Make environmentally responsible purchases

ENERGY STAR® is the international symbol of superior energy efficiency, administered in this country by Natural Resources Canada. This symbol makes it easy to identify the best energy performers on the market. Look for it when you buy lights, household appliances, windows, and patio doors.

Repair leaky faucets immediately

Ask your tenants to promptly report any leaky faucets. All those little drops add up . . . You may be wasting enough water every month to fill four bathtubs.

Not a housing co-op, a non-profit organization or a municipal housing office?