View your history

Log into your Customer Space to view your history. Don’t have a Customer Space yet? Create one now!

**large‑power customers: Talk to your commercial delegate to create your Customer Space.

Rate L or LG customers (5,000 kW or more).

Everything you need to know in one place

View your billing and payment history at any time.

Find bills and payments easily

Online bills are listed in chronological order and kept for two years. Your payment history goes back one year.

View your old electronic bills at a glance

To find what you’re looking for even faster, view a summary of your bills: billing date, system access charge, electricity use billed and taxes.

Download your bills to keep them for more than two years

Your bills are stored in your billing history for two years. But you can download them as PDF files to keep them with your own records. If you are a large‑power customer, however, your file will show your billing history since 2002.