All of your accounts and bills in just a few clicks

Make the best of these two handy tools: With your Customer Space and the multiple account search tool, viewing your bills and your accounts couldn’t be quicker or easier!

Direct access to your information

Access your account in your Customer Space and use the multiple account search tool to view your bills in no time flat!

*large‑power customers: Talk to your commercial delegate to create your Customer Space.

Rate L or LG customers (5,000 kW or more).

Multiple account search tool

Do you have at least ten accounts and have signed up for Online Billing? The multiple account search tool was designed specially for you. It’s really easy to use and available anytime in your Customer Space.

From your Customer Space, you can:

  • Search by billing date, due date or bill number.
  • Add secondary criteria such as account number, amount billed and address.
  • Use your previous search criteria to speed up your searches.
  • Download selected bills as PDF or XML files.

With the multiple account search tool, you can:

  • Search by account number, balance, last payment date or billing address.
  • Narrow the search by adding secondary criteria.
  • Easily find overdue accounts.
  • Select an account right from the search results and make a payment online.
  • Click on an account to see its details.
Multiple account search tool