Manage authorizations

Log into your Customer Space to designate an authorized person or to consult your authorizations. Don’t have a Customer Space yet? You can create one now!

*Large-power customers: Contact your commercial officer to create your Customer Space.

What is personal or confidential information?

  • Account holder names
  • Account numbers
  • Service contract numbers
  • Service and billing addresses
  • Account holder addresses (current, previous and e-mail)
  • Telephone numbers (home and work)
  • Social insurance number (SIN)
  • Québec enterprise number (NEQ)
  • Current status of the file and related financial details (balance owing, administrative, management and service charges, date of last payment, payment arrangement, risk factor, etc.)
  • Credit history
  • Contract power


A proxy authorizes someone else to act on your behalf in dealings with Hydro‑Québec:

  • Negotiate a payment arrangement
  • Receive and pay electricity bills
  • Modify details of service contracts
  • Add or cancel an electricity service contract
  • Conduct any other business that you may specify


Your consent authorizes someone else to obtain personal information from your file, with these limitations:

  • The person is not allowed to discuss or negotiate with Hydro‑Québec on your behalf.
  • The person has access only to the information indicated on the consent form.

If you don’t have a Customer Space, you can verbally designate an authorized person by contacting us or completing the online request for a proxy or consent form. Please allow for processing time.
Request a form.