If you had the opportunity to lower your energy bill and contribute to the collective effort to reduce the carbon footprint of Québec’s economy, would you seize the opportunity? Offers meant to encourage you to manage your power demand during winter peaks are well within reach!

Main offers

  • Demand Response (DR) Option: Develop strategies to reduce your power demand during peak periods and put them into action.
  • Interruptible Electricity Options: Identify the amount of power you are willing to curtail and apply the strategy of your choice to meet your commitment.

Demand Response (DR) Option

With the DR Option, you receive your credit at the end of the winter period. This credit is calculated based on your average power reduction during all peak events, which occur during periods of high demand.

It’s flexible and there’s no contract to sign: you choose how to reduce your electricity use during peak demand events.

You can sign up for and manage this option through your Customer Space or the large-power customer portal.

Interruptible Electricity Options

With the Interruptible Electricity Options, you can receive credits on your bill when you reduce your consumption at Hydro-Québec’s request.

You need to commit to a minimum amount. Should you fail to meet your commitment, a penalty will apply.

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Eligible rates

Demand Response (DR) Option

DP, DM, G, G9, M and LG and H

Interruptible Electricity Options

Mainly Rate L.

How it works

Demand Response (DR) Option

  1. Get an email notification before each peak event.
  2. Choose your power reduction strategies: shift your energy use; use a more energy-efficient production line; or use an alternate energy source. These can be programmed into your current systems.
  3. Receive a credit on your electricity bill at the end of the winter period.

Interruptible Electricity Options

  1. Get an email notification before each interruption period.
  2. Temporarily shut down certain systems and processes to meet your commitment during the interruption period.
  3. Receive credits on your bill based on the fixed and variable credits of the option selected.


Demand Response (DR) Option

Credit of $57.805 to $78.825* per kilowatt (kW) of effective interruptible power provided the average reduction is at least 10 kW.

*Rates in effect as of April 1, . This table does not replace the Electricity Rates publication in any way whatsoever.

Interruptible Electricity Options

Fixed and variable credits based on the option selected.

Calculating potential savings

Demand Response (DR) Option

Use our online tool to estimate the amount of the credit that could be applied to your bill at the end of the winter period.

Estimate my business’s credit

Interruptible Electricity Options

Contact your account representative for more information on this matter.


Demand Response (DR) Option


Interruptible Electricity Options

Subject to a commitment. Should you fail to meet your commitment, a penalty will apply.

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In winter, it pays to save electricity

Learn more about winter peaks and how they can drive savings for your company!

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Peak demand event

Peak demand events are associated with a time period during which Hydro‑Québec has determined that electricity demand will be very high. The maximum total duration per winter is 100 hours.