Doing the right thing isn’t always complicated or expensive. Max shares a few tips in these videos!

Discover each tip in just one minute!

Max is a pretty cool guy who’s doing his best, but he can do more. If you’re like Max and you hate wasting electricity, follow the tips in these videos and do your best to save the max amount of energy!

Video: Pools

With an efficient pump, a pool timer and a solar pool cover, you can enjoy your pool to the max and save energy at the same time!

Duration: 1 minute 08 secondes [subtitles in English]

Video Transcript La piscine

Video Transcript Pools

    Video:Hot tubs

    Using your hot tub in summer and winter can cost you more than $500 a year in electricity. To save money and energy, Max has three tips for you!

    Duration: 1 minute 06 secondes [subtitles in English]

    Video Transcript Le spa

    Video Transcript Hot tubs

      Video:Power bars

      When you plug several electronics into a power bar, it means you can turn them all off at once and avoid drawing phantom power, which accounts for up to 10% of a household’s electricity bill.

      Duration: 1 minute 28 secondes [subtitles in English]

      Video Transcript Les multiprises

      Video Transcript Power bars

        Video:Household appliances

        Overall, ENERGY STAR® certified household appliances are among the 15% to 30% of products that are the most energy-efficient. It clearly pays to save energy!

        Duration: 1 minute 10 secondes [subtitles in English]

        Video Transcript Les électroménagers certifiés ENERGY STAR®

        Video Transcript Household appliances


          Since lighting accounts for between 5% and 10% of a household’s total power consumption, installing LED lightbulbs is a brilliant move!

          Duration: 1 minute 11 secondes [subtitles in English]

          Video Transcript L’éclairage

          Video Transcript Lighting

            Video: Windows and patio doors

            ENERGY STAR® certified windows and patio doors can help you save up to 10% on your heating costs. They are 20% to 40% more efficient than conventional models.

            Duration: 1 minute 16 secondes [subtitles in English]

            Video Transcript Les fenêtres et portes-fenêtres certifiées ENERGY STAR®

            Video Transcript Les fenêtres et portes-fenêtres certifiées ENERGY STAR®

              Video: Electronic thermostats

              Les thermostats électroniques peuvent permettre d’économiser jusqu’à 150 $ ou 10 % des coûts de chauffage annuels, tout en augmentant le confort.

              Duration: 1 minute 13 secondes [subtitles in English]

              Video Transcript Le thermostat électronique

              Video Transcript Electronic thermostats

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